About Sean

Hello and welcome! My name is Sean Lawlor

Slawlor.com is my personal site. I host a few helpful things here for the public as well as contact information for myself along with my various repositories for Subversion code.

I'm currently completing my PhD degree in Electrical Engineering at McGill University under Professor Michael Rabbat in the Computer Networks group at McGill University in a partnership with corporate sponsor Genetec Inc. I also hold a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering as well as a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from McGill University. My research interests include Anomoly Detection with irregularly sampled data in sensor networks. To see a list of my publications please see the link in the Links section.

I have been a teaching assistent in the following courses at McGill:

As well in the Winter of 2014 I was the course lecturer for


Sean Lawlor Picture high performance ssd vps